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  • She didn t even think twice about his words of warning. Did you happen to talk to Lucas much Saturday night?

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  • Vertical Smart Slide 1
    Spring Equinox
    Posted 7 days ago
    Spring Equinox

    The Spring, or Vernal Equinox is the point where the planet is one-quarter of the way around the Sun, half way through the cycle from Winter to Summer. It's the…

    Spring API and RESO …
    Posted 30 days ago
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  • He was a true theatrical terror that Lucas had seen the toughest, soulless mortal men wet their pants at the sight of him. His firm body pressed her into the mattress and she relished the protection of his weight.

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    Reading around the industry blogs sometimes makes it feel like the sky might be falling.  However, It's 11:30AM and looking outside I can confirm that the sky is NOT falling.

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  • Next, they dragged the apparently unconscious driver, Edmond Cheadle from the front of the coach.
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    He could tell from her thought processes that she was highly intelligent, eager and determined. He cupped her face in his hands, You want to know these things, I don t mind answering them.
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    Solid Earth is a…

    Xplode in Alabama
    Posted 54 days ago
    Xplode in Alabama

    I met Matt Fagioli while we sat at our respective lunchroom tables on vendor alley at the 2011 CMLS conference in Tucson. A fellow Southerner (Atlanta), Matt is founder and…

    Is your MLS platform…
    Posted 86 days ago

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    She stared at him, That s not fair when you do that.

    She would have to accept it as she accepted him. That mutt followed me home one day, and I didn t have the heart to turn him loose.

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  • Ten minutes later a Taxi cab pulled up and Tanya and Elsa walked out of the house and got in.
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  • Is your MLS platform crowded?

    So I heard a short interview today on my favorite business radio show, Marketplace on APM, with Dennis Crowley the co-founder and CEO of FourSquare.  I use FourSquare to keep…

    Charleston here we c…
    Posted 99 days ago
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  • She saw the crumpled masses left deliberately on her coffee table, Nice touch.
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    Solid Earth Summit 2012: Charleston

    Charleston feels like a second home to me and I'm a big fan.  Fan enough to allow my two daughters to both come here to attend college.  It's also been…

    MLS Services and Solutions

    To our MLS partners, our business is their business. We’re a proven B2B provider of innovative technology to the real estate industry. From fully functional MLS systems to individual tools for brokers, we’re the The Clear Alternative, because we are your partner, not just your vendor. Just ask any of our clients.

    Custom solutions are the best solutions

    Many markets have similarities, but the differences can’t be ignored by a one-size-fits all approach. Solid Earth has made a reputation by creating a bullet-proof platform and working with client organizations to continually improve LIST-IT systems largely on their own terms. No versions, no ending points. A LIST-IT system is a project, not a product. Always evolving as your needs evolve.

    Downstream sites, IDX Gateway and Downstream IDX

    There’s a new normal in online real estate today. Consumers have very high expectations when browsing for property and sites that offer no property search or have designs that appear old and outdated are simply unacceptable. Recognizing this, Solid Earth has created Downstream Association and Downstream Broker services to meet this need. From individually priced broker-level websites built on the ever popular WordPress platform to an amazingly functional, affordable IDX solution, Solid Earth has the tools to take the online real estate experience to the next level.

    Control Your MLS Destiny

    In a world of constant change, Solid Earth puts you in the driver's seat with your data, your policies and ultimately your future.

    Always Evolving

    Your system is constantly improving. We never rest as we add functionality to keep you on the cutting edge.

    The Coolness Factor

    Ask our customers. We're a fun network of friends that help each other succeed. Just what you'd expect a partner to do.

    We’re a Keeper

    Once selected, we rarely get replaced. Why? Because we put you first, always. They all say it, but we do it. You'll see.

    Fast, Simple, Secure

    Built with the Ease of Use in mind, but without sacrificing Speed and Security.

    brush for skid steer
    Even when he doesn t get something right the first time, he keeps on trying.
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  • Release her, kill her, or feed her to your dogs and I will come back. Tanya didn t miss the look of shock wash over the woman s beautiful face as she noticed Elsa.
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    Simple Communication tools so you can stay in contact with Consumers. But also, we communicate with our partners, and provide all the help that you need.

    Click here to get more details about our MLS Services, Tools and Solutions and if you need further information you can fill out this short form.

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    It might have worked up until a few hours ago. The next time he wouldn t hesitate when it came to those he cared about.

  • Lucas violet stare went to Elsa s exposed elegant neck as she slept peacefully, If I don t would you interfere?
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    My face is too round and my nose is too small.

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  • She feared it was only a matter of time before she broke down and did it unless she managed to find a way out of this sticky predicament.
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