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Spring Equinox
Posted 7 days ago
Spring Equinox

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  • Her fingers caressed the flat shiny metal of the blade.
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    The cat dropped from the tree and landed on Megan s shoulders, digging its claws into her skin.

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  • Men, gather your ladies and let s have a good time. She must've thought we didn't know what she was up to.
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  • Megan decided that since Ray had some single farmhands, then Miriam might meet someone.
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  • The Spring, or Vernal Equinox is the point where the planet is one-quarter of the way around the Sun, half way through the cycle from Winter to Summer. It's the…

    Spring API and RESO …
    Posted 30 days ago

    Reading around the industry blogs sometimes makes it feel like the sky might be falling.  However, It's 11:30AM and looking outside I can confirm that the sky is NOT falling.

    Solid Earth is a…

    Xplode in Alabama
    Posted 54 days ago
    Xplode in Alabama

    I met Matt Fagioli while we sat at our respective lunchroom tables on vendor alley at the 2011 CMLS conference in Tucson. A fellow Southerner (Atlanta), Matt is founder and…

    Is your MLS platform…
    Posted 86 days ago
    Is your MLS platform crowded?

    So I heard a short interview today on my favorite business radio show, Marketplace on APM, with Dennis Crowley the co-founder and CEO of FourSquare.  I use FourSquare to keep…

    Charleston here we c…
    Posted 99 days ago
    Solid Earth Summit 2012: Charleston

    Charleston feels like a second home to me and I'm a big fan.  Fan enough to allow my two daughters to both come here to attend college.  It's also been…

    MLS Services and Solutions

    To our MLS partners, our business is their business. We’re a proven B2B provider of innovative technology to the real estate industry. From fully functional MLS systems to individual tools for brokers, we’re the The Clear Alternative, because we are your partner, not just your vendor. Just ask any of our clients.

    Custom solutions are the best solutions

    Many markets have similarities, but the differences can’t be ignored by a one-size-fits all approach. Solid Earth has made a reputation by creating a bullet-proof platform and working with client organizations to continually improve LIST-IT systems largely on their own terms. No versions, no ending points. A LIST-IT system is a project, not a product. Always evolving as your needs evolve.

    Downstream sites, IDX Gateway and Downstream IDX

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    These others, five in all, looked as ancient as Valear, with the pasty faces and horror filled eyes. She stared at him, You are the superior Vampire Lucas.

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    And you re just as delightful, he quipped, immediately wishing he hadn t. He reached behind her and unzipped her dress, his eyes never leaving hers.
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    There’s a new normal in online real estate today. Consumers have very high expectations when browsing for property and sites that offer no property search or have designs that appear old and outdated are simply unacceptable. Recognizing this, Solid Earth has created Downstream Association and Downstream Broker services to meet this need. From individually priced broker-level websites built on the ever popular WordPress platform to an amazingly functional, affordable IDX solution, Solid Earth has the tools to take the online real estate experience to the next level.

    Control Your MLS Destiny

    In a world of constant change, Solid Earth puts you in the driver's seat with your data, your policies and ultimately your future.

    Always Evolving

    Your system is constantly improving. We never rest as we add functionality to keep you on the cutting edge.

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  • James's sister, Margaret was marrying in less than a week, and family and friends were arriving daily for the ceremony's preceding festivities. She hardly listened to 95 Lietha Wards Linda who was bragging about the ride home the night before when Ted sat beside her in her car.

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  • The Coolness Factor

    Ask our customers. We're a fun network of friends that help each other succeed. Just what you'd expect a partner to do.

    We’re a Keeper

    Once selected, we rarely get replaced. Why? Because we put you first, always. They all say it, but we do it. You'll see.

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    Built with the Ease of Use in mind, but without sacrificing Speed and Security.


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